Bruno-MertinsHi! My name is Bruno, I am a web strategist and E-Commerce consultant / advisor. I help SMB’s and NPO’s achieve their long term-goals, increasing their value by curating their online presence. Before becoming a freelance consultant I used to work as an In-house Senior eMarketing Executive for a media company in London.

Currently I joined the Japanese E-Commerce company Rakuten, known for their Online Marketplace, subsidiaries: Viber, Kobo,, Ebates, Viki, Linkshare and early investments on Pinterest and Lyft.

Sorry, I am no longer freelancing!

Live to Learn

When I´m not working, I´m always keen to learn. Most of the time I polish my skills by learning from others on the net. But at the end of the day nothing is nicer than to have human contact with interesting people, so I try to attend conferences by my own. Some of the conferences I’ve attended included:

  • SMX Advanced
  • Google I/O
  • AdTech London
  • Samsung Developer Day Berlin

You can check my Lynard Schedule, if you plan to go to any of them don’t hesitate to contact me. Checkout some photos of the events on my Flickr account.