Bruno-MertinsHi! My name is Bruno, I am a freelance Front-end Developer, Digital Marketer and Web Analytics Consultant. I specialize in Responsive Design with HTML & CSS. I also use WordPress with the help of Open Source Software based on the LAMP Stack.

Before becoming a freelancer I used to work as an In-house Senior eMarketing Executive for a media company in London. After working a number of years on a media company enviroment, I have the ability to produce high quality digital work at very affordable prices. Most of my clients are small and medium sized companies (SMB’s) as well as Non Profit Organizations (NPO’s) and currently freelancing from Europe’s Silicon Allee – Berlin. For the Spanish speaking markets I do freelance work through Acento Digital.

Why work with me?

  • More than 10 years experience in the Internet industry.
  • In-House and Freelance Experience.
  • Experience in different markets: US, UK, Germany, Spain, Latin America and Australasia.
  • Knowledge of Programming, Design and Marketing, uniting the three worlds.
  • Experience in various industries such as Aerospace, Mechanical, Railway, Transportation, Hospitality and Tourism.
  • Advanced Technical SEO skills.
  • Personalized quality service.
  • Experience with high traffic vertical portals.
  • Flexible and Reliable.

Live to Learn

When I´m not working on projects, I´m always keen to learn. Most of the time I polish my skills by learning from others on the net. But at the end of the day nothing is nicer than to have human contact with interesting people, so I try to attend conferences by my own. Some of the conferences I’ve attended included:

  • SMX Advanced
  • Google I/O
  • AdTech London
  • Samsung Developer Day Berlin

You can check my Lynard Schedule, if you plan to go to any of them don’t hesitate to contact me. Checkout some photos of the events on my Flickr account.